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May 30, 2014

About Dalyan

There is nothing more relaxing than by going for your holidays with the people closest to your heart. The sheer beauty of the scenery and places that you will see here will surely make you want to stay here longer. You and your loved ones will enjoy a fantastic getaway given Turkey’s reputation of offering the best places and activities to vacationers. Should you finally decide to spend your holidays here, make sure to visit Dalyan.

Chances are, if you’re here looking for a villa in Dalyan, you’ve probably been there before!! People return time and again once they’ve discovered what locals called the “Paradise of Turkey” or “Dalyan Diamond”. They’re not wrong!

If you’re new to Dalyan; you’re in for a treat!
The tiny town of Dalyan in the province of Mugla on the South-Western Mediterranean is set in the centre of a broad delta whose natural beauty is completely unspoilt. This is one of the surviving corners of paradise, an area of outstanding natural beauty and historic interest. Dalyan is only a 30 minute drive from the airport of Dalaman.

Because of its oustanding natural and historic surroundings, its taste of culture, the rural charm and of course the welcoming Turkish hospitality, Dalyan is your ideal holiday destination. Read any review anywhere on Dalyan, and you’ll struggle to find a bad word said. We’ve been a few times and have never had a bad meal, never felt more relaxed and remain amazed at the genuine friendliness of the Turkish people.

Mud Baths
The Mud Baths are a short walk or water taxi from the centre of Dalyan. “Beauty Mud” which not only cleanses and tones the skin but is said to remedy rheumatism and has anti-ageing properties. After allowing the mud to dry, it can be removed in a natural clear water sulphur pool, at temperatures of around 40 Celsius. This leaves you refreshed and relaxed.

Thermal Springs
You can find the thermal springs next to the mud baths or for a great day out take a trip to the Sultaniye Thermal Baths. They are to the Southwest of Köycegiz lake. The water here at 40 Celsius is second to none. The water at these baths was first used in Caunon times, then by the Byzantines, who rebuilt the accommodations. The ruins of the buildings from the period are submerged beneath the waters of the lake. It is not unusual to see the Turkish elderly make pilgrimages to the baths due to the water’s curative properties in case of neuralgia, rheumatism and skin disorders of the liver, spleen and bowels.